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Parish Leaders workshops

Episcopal areas hold half-day workshops every spring for all parish leaders, especially those new to their positions. Invitations are extended to churchwardens, deputy churchwardens, parish admins, treasurers, administrative staff and clergy.

The next series of workshops will be held in the spring of 2021.

Who should attend?

All parish leaders (churchwardens, deputy churchwardens, parish administrators, treasurers, administrative staff, clergy) especially those new to their positions.


These two-hour workshops aim to meet the following objectives:
• review parish governance in key areas of knowledge,
• increase your understanding and overall comfort level to support you in your position,
• allow you to virtually meet key Diocesan staff,
• learn when and how you can access resources available to you, and
• answer any questions that you might have.


The following toolkit was prepared for the workshops.

Parish finance

Parish Finance cheat sheet: who to call and where to find information
Parish Finance presentation

Real property management

Parish Property Management Guide: a thorough guide to property management
Real Property Management cheat sheet: who to call and where to find information
Real Property Management presentation
Canon 6 Flowchart: for significant capital improvement projects that require a building permit
Canon 6 Revised Approvals Procedure
Red Checklist and Attestation: for license agreements with low-risk licensees
Yellow Checklist and Attestation: for residential lease agreements
Green Checklist and Attestation: for renovations with hard construction costs under $75,000


Insurance cheat sheet: who to call and where to find information
Insurance presentation

Human Resources

Human Resources cheat sheet: who to call and where to find information
Human Resources presentation
LegalConnex: free, unlimited legal advice for parishes
HRAssist: free, expert HR advice for parishes
Professional Assist: free advice on sensitive workplace issues

Other resources

Parish Leaders’ Manual
The Constitution and Canons of the Diocese
Diocesan Centre staff directory
Diocesan Staff organizational chart
Diocesan Centre organizational chart

We want these resources to be as useful as possible. If you find that anything is unclear, incomplete, or would like to suggest an additional resource, please email Pamela Boisvert.