Annual Returns

Each year, congregations are required to complete and submit yearly summary forms to the Synod Office and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Online submission for 2019 returns is now closed. If you require hard copies of the returns, please contact the General Accountant.

Synod Office Reports

The Diocese has implemented a system to allow the completion of the Incumbent’s Annual Statistical Return and the Churchwardens’ Parochial Return online. The online portal opened on Feb. 1 and is available at Details for completing and submitting returns have been emailed to each congregation.  These annual reports provide statistical information vital to planning. The deadline for online submission will end at midnight on Friday, March 15, 2019.

Incumbent’s Annual Statistical Return

This return provides parochial statistics as well as the names and contact information of each congregation’s Lay Members of Synod. It is to be completed by the Incumbent or Priest-in-Charge.

If you require a hard copy of the Incumbent’s Annual Statistical Return, please contact the Secretary of Synod.

Churchwardens’ Parochial Return

This return provides financial statistics and the basis for accurately and fairly calculating the allotment for each Congregation. It is to be completed by the Churchwardens.

Revised 2020 Diocesan Allotment Calculations Alphabetically by Deanery

If you require a hard copy of the Churchwardens’ Parochial Return, please contact the General Accountant.

Canada Revenue Agency Reports

For fiscal periods prior to January 1, 2013, the following forms are to be used: T3010-1 and T3010B(09) which are available on the Canada Revenue Agency website or by calling 1-800-267-2384. For fiscal periods after January 1, 2013 the following can also be accessed from the website:

  • Form T3010
  • Completing the Registered Charity Information Return (manual) – T4033

Churchwardens are required to annually fill out and submit this form to Canada Revenue Agency. This return is due within six (6) months of the fiscal year-end and is necessary to maintain charitable status.